LA Business Consultancy is here to provide a fast, reliable and no-hassle service for investors who are interested in acquiring EU Visas through real estate deals in Greece, Cyprus and Malta.

The company has a vast network of partners/associates in the Balkans and the South East Europe and especially in these three countries, with a great knowledge of the legal processes, the regulatory framework and the key people involved in the Visa schemes available in the EU.

Amongst our people, we have experts in legal and accounting principles, real estate development and managing, as well as the finance and banking sector. LA Business partners have been involved over many years in deals in the Real Estate sector, obtaining important insight in the market and the procedures.


Lambros A. Christofi

Lambros A. Christofi has been involved in high profile businesses and investing for the last 20 years. He has founded and financed several companies, which have been listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange. He is an expert in M&A negotiations and in raising equity funding. He has completed business deals in excess of 1 billion euro. He is heading the L. Christofi Group Ltd which is a holding company for his family investments. He has studied Marketing in the UK and right after graduation he has worked in the insurance industry. Mr. Christofi has served in several Boards of Directors of publicly traded companies and Industry Associations.

Bokotas & Associates Law Firm

Bokotas & Associates Law Firm was founded in 1968 by Dimitrios K. Bokotas in Athens and has been operating since then meeting and exceeding the needs of local and international clients. Their success in the commercial, civil and real estate sector has been due to the firm’s ability to provide client- tailored advisory and legal services even in the largest and most complex transactions, adding tangible lasting value to their investments and operations. Their affiliated law offices in Cyprus, UK, Germany and the USA extend their expertise in handling cases and transactions with international characteristics. Since 2006 the firm is directed by Konstantinos D. Bokotas, son of Dimitrios Bokotas.

Ahmet Arken

Ahmet Arken is an expert in Casino and Gaming operations with an excellent knowledge of the Turkish market. Ahmet Arken has been a part of the Gaming and Hospitality Industry since 1990. As a Casino and Hotel Chief Executive, Mr. Arken has been responsible for the delivery of gaming operations to maximise profit, whilst ensuring the highest standards of service and product delivered by an engaged team. He has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the gaming and hotel industry during the past 25 years, as his responsibilities have varied from margins, budgets, in-house promotions, customer retention, staff relations, reducing spending costs in all departments and many more.

Rikkos Mappourides

Rikkos Mappourides studied at the Law Faculty of the University of Athens and obtained his degree in law in 1981. In 1983 he was admitted to the Cyprus Bar Association. He worked for the law firm of L. Papaphilippou & Co in Nicosia from 1983 -1985, before opening his own practice in 1985. In 1990 he was appointed at the Attorney General’s office and served there for 22 years, specialising in administrative law, criminal law, civil law and the drafting legal opinions for various governmental bodies and departments. In 2012 he established the law firm of Rikkos Mappourides & Associates LLC and in March 2013 was elected as a member of the Cyprus Parliament. Rikkos is the managing director of the law firm and brings his many years of experience to the team.

Momi Nahum

Momi Nahum is an innovative entrepreneur specialized in high level business development, M&A transactions and investment banking. He founded several successful companies and as an international experienced business man Mr. Nahum holds a substantial network arena while pushing his companies to best results in innovative business paths.

Akis Hadjipieris

Akis Hadjipieris has served for many years as the Vice Chairman of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. He has deep knowledge of the financial system in Cyprus and globally, having served on the Board of Directors of many of the biggest listed and private companies in the country.

George P. Constantinou

George P. Constantinou is involved in management consulting for the last 5 years dealing with re-organisations and turn around management. Previously, he had 10 years of service in the financial services business at top level executive positions. He has worked on numerous M&A’s and has great expertise in corporate finance and strategic planning. Right after graduation GC spent 10 years managing his own company in retail. He is a holder of an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a BSc. in Business Administration from the University of California at Berkeley. GC has served in many Boards of Directors of publicly traded companies. He is also heading GPC Network Consulting Co Ltd.

Chris Iacovides

Chris Iacovides is a qualified accountant and the only UK Licensed Insolvency Practitioner currently based and practicing in Cyprus. The founding partner of Iacovides Kimonos & Co, the island’s first insolvency firm, set up in 1988, to provide insolvency related services. He has gained considerable experience, practicing in Cyprus and abroad during the last thirty years.



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